Description of the Murder HolesEdit

Murder Holes were holes in the ceilings of castle gateways, barbicans or passageways through which heavy missiles or dangerous substances could be thrown on the enemy. They were quite literally Murder Holes! Murder Holes were also built into Machicolations which were projecting parapets or platforms designed to hang over  castle walls - similar to a balcony. These holes gained the popular name of ' Murder Holes' also called Meutrieres.

Missiles dropped from Murder HolesEdit

The Missiles dropped from 'Murder Holes' included heavy stones, hot sand, molten lead, boiling water and boiling tar or pitch. During siege warfare any rotting materials such as dung or dead bodies would also be dropped from the murder holes!

Murder HolesEdit

The Murder Holes were introduced with Norman and Plantagenet castles during the Medieval period 1066 - 1485. Facts and information about the many different parts of Castles! The Murder Holes were an essential Castle part for a form of defence against intruders.