It was clear from the beginning that Intelligence and Counter espionage were vital aspects of a sound defense strategy. Right after consolidating all military into one united Union Military, the member civilizations also combined and united their various Intelligence agencies and networks into three distinctive branches.

Each of the three services were given specific areas of operations and specific tasks. Each service was divided into an intelligence gathering division and a Counter Espionage Division and all three services were subject to oversight and control by the Great Assembly Secret Services Council, which in turn was to report to the General Assembly.

NAVINT was to be separate from the Fleet and would operate its own small fleet with very specialized purpose built ships. The general Fleets are numbered. The NAVINT Fleet units carry the Prefix O (for Obscuris). While kept separate, NAVINT works closely with the PSI Corps, especially in the field of Counter Intelligence. NAVINT has these primary missions: To protect the technological secrets and advances of the Union Military, to identify and observe Non Union civilizations and individuals that could pose a threat to the safety and security of the Union Fleet and the United Stars in General. To safeguard important personnel and to maintain strategic and tactical information about technology, ship and troop movements of enemies of the Union and to research and retro engineer weapon and military technology of Non-Union civilizations. General Assembly Act 58 of December 4002 gives NAVINT unrestricted operational authorities outside of declared Union space. NAVINT is prohibited from operating within the United Stars for Intelligence gathering purposes and must ask ARGURUS or FEDERAL POLICE to conduct such operations under full observance of the law. NAVINT Head Quarters is on Arsenal III. Major NAVINT bases are Pauli Station, Pineapple Junction, Gorgon II and Richter Base. Current Commander of NAVINT is Admiral Deepa Lydaa. The Central NAVINT AI is called MATA HARI and it is maintained on three different locations and all are top secret.

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