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Narth Prime


Narth Light











Narth primne

Narth Prime

Narth Prime is a Class X Planet around Narth Light, a white KII Main sequence star. There are no other planets, asteroids or any other objects in this star system.

The Wurgus say they do not understand the Star of the system and it should have burned out and gone through any of the usual solar stages.

Narth Prime the planet appears smooth and completely featureless from space. There are no land masses, oceans or any other distinctive features. There are no tectonic activities and if it has an atmosphere its composition is unknown.

There are no cities and no exact numbers as how many Narth live here.

Trade: None

Tourism: None

While it is not exactly prohibited from approaching Narth Prime or attempt to land, no one not invited ever managed to do so.

Since Narth Prime is a Union planet, there is a Post Office, a Union School, Space Bus station and Union Med Station. All these services are located aboard a Gigamon Space station called Narth Gate. All traffic from and to the system is routed through this station.

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