3rd Planet in the Morocco System.

Class Five Garden world.

745 Light-years from Terra and 454 Light-years from Pluribus.

Union Member world. Very dry desert world without surface water and vast deserts. Settled during the Second Exodus by Terrans mostly of Northern African Descent. Planet is known for its vast mineral resources that are mined. New Algiers has a population of approximately 5 Million and three major cities: Qintrupoli, Red Cliffs and Stinging Sands. Stinging Sands is the Capital as well as the local space port. Temperatures rarely drop below 30 degrees and are usually around 48 degrees. Planet is known for its violent sandstorms reaching wind speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. Planet has native life but most of it occurs in the underground water caves and rivers. Main exports are Minerals and some common Ore. Main imports are machinery and luxury goods. New Algiers is home to the Moderate Muslim Society and their sacred shrine. Note: New Algiers has a gravitation of 3.6G. Visitors from Standard gravity worlds are recommended to wear personal Grav Adjusters.

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