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Once the Ult were known to be among the most aggressive and expansionistic civilizations of the Milky way Galaxy (M-0). When the first Galactic Council was formed by the Kermac to defend the Galaxy against the first known Y’ALL invasion about 15,000 years ago, it was primarily the Ult and their powerful weapons that made a difference. Then about 5000 years ago a religious event on the main world ULTA changed their motivations and behavior over night and the Ult became much more peaceful and only fought to defend their empire. No longer seeking to forcefully expand and dominate others. The Ult did not turn inward and remained an active civilization and to maintain their own safety and souverinity they did greatly invest in building up their Intelligence Network and counter espionage capabilities. The Nobto’dh as the Ult call their Intelligence Service was considered among the best and most effective of comparable services of other civilizations. (Nobto’dh literally means Cave Fish. There is a completely transparent species of fish on Ulta that is nearly invisible when it swims in water) The Ult Intelligence service was officially disbanded after the Ult joined the Union and all their assets, information and agents transferred into the new joint GALINT (Galactic Intelligence) department of the Union Government.

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