Erics family

Eric Olafson's Family tree

One of the Old Clans of Nilfeheim, menaing they can trace their heritage to the first families that landed on
Olafsons wolf

Olafson Clan Chief Necklace Wolfshead

Nilfeheim . The Olafson Clan is noteable as Eric Olafson is a member of that clan.

Clan Colors: White on Red

Clan symbol: Wolf heads

Clan Chiefs:

Isegrim Olafson (till 5035)

Elena Olafson (5035 - 5091)

Erica Olafson (5091 - 5179 *)

Noteable Members:

Isegrim Olafson

Eric Olafson

Exa Olafson

Elena Olafson

Hogun Olafson

Harkun Olafson

The Olafson Clan absorbed the Ragnarsson Clan

(*) This is the daughter of Exa Olafson

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