3rd Planet in the Arch System. Planet is owned by the Silver Shores Corporation and is a member world of the Union. (Corporate Government) the world is famous for its tropical climate, oceans and white sand beaches. Para Para was settled by Terrans during the Second Exodus and the Settlers, realizing the vacation potential of their world early on, formed the Silver Shores Corporation. All industry and business on Para Para is geared to provide visitors and vacationers with exceptional hospitality and service. Para Para has an abundance of local life forms, but none are considered dangerous to standard humanoid life forms. The average temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees and usually stays around 38. There are no severe weather conditions. Local weather is controlled and carefully balanced. No large Surface cities exist on Para Para. The main cities are situated underground and all surface buildings are designed to blend into the surroundings. Space port facilities are on the planets moon and planet bound traffic is transported via shuttle. A Trans Matter Tunnel is planned to go online within the next ten years. Para-Para exports very little in terms of products or resources and imports large quantities of mostly luxury goods. Several Convention centers on the planet are booked for years in advance.

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