The Pha’Illur System is the home of the Shaill, a member of theUnion, and despite its relatively remote location it is a busy, heavily developed and traveled system.

There is a large System Hub Station with a Space Bus connecting Pha’Illur to the rest of the Union.

All eight planets are occupied and used.

  1. Make-Te – small hot world- Mining and Manufacturing.
  2. Sha’Illon – Garden world type 1C, Home world of the Shaill.
  3. Lyndois - Garden world Type 4D – Water world. Heavy pharmaceutical factories and industrial installations. One of the most densely populated planets in the Union with thousands of underwater and swimming cities and countless pharmaceutical factories .
  4. Kantroi – Gas giant with 16 moons. All moons are occupied,mostly sub-urban communities for Lyndois and Howyoben.
  5. Howyoben – Ice/Rock core planet – Many research institutes, The Shaill Institute for Pharmaceutical research, the Shaill Neurological Research University are here.
  6. Mergeni – Ice/Rock planet - Most of the clinics and long term treatment facilities are located here.
  7. Insevast – Union Fleet System Base, Union Court, Sector Security.
  8. Aypali – Small rock planet – Depository for the deadliest compounds known to the Union society. High Security Area.

Main Export: Pharmaceutical products, chemical products, medicines, poisons

Main Import: Raw materials, biological compounds, poisons, machinery, luxury articles.

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