Planet Tolstoi

Planet Tolstoy

United Earth Colony , now Union Planet

Star System Katherine Gold - Pleiades Region - Old Xunx Expanse - Upward Sector

In  2128 - three Arks left Earth : The Petersburg , the Moscow and the Novosibirsk heading for Planet Tolstoy.

They arrived in 2135 and established the first settlement : Новая Москва (New Moscow )

The first decades of the colony were marked with conflict as the colonists seperated in three different groups : the Czarists , the Sovjets and the Progressive Russians .

Each group had ideolgy differences and seperated themselves into three groups and three comtinents (regions) of their new home.

The general conditions were good, with fertile lands and a bio sphere that could be utilized and consumed. 

The planets overal climate was mild and the world was classified a Gardenworld Type 3A.

Despite the seperation and plentiful room to expand, constant clashes between the three groups not only hampered development at first  but also caused the loss of the GalNet terminal  that was part of the Colonist package.

In 2202 Nilfeheim Neo Vikings raided Planet Tolstoy killing, pillaging and raping all three groups equally vicious.

This caused a concerence of the leaders of all three groups and the creation of the Tolstoy Troika (an arrangement that successfully ended the civil war between the three groups.

When the Union contact ship came to check on the colony and to see if they wanted to become Union Members, all three groups joined, The Progressive Russians and the Sovjets asked to receive colonies of their own

in 2240 and BoCA assisted both groups ( Lenin, planet and Mother Russia )

Today Tolstoy[1], planet is a busy Union world and New Moscow is a sprawling modern mega city. 

Main industry of the planet is agriculture and the production of cabbage . Annual exports of cabbage and cabbage related products exceeded 70,584,000 metric tons.

Other products are sunflowers and sunflower related products such as seeds and oil.

A wide variety of other vegetarian agri products are also exported in somewhat smaller quantities. There are several large food product companies

The annual Cabbage festival is famous in the entire quadrant and many thousands visit, especially for the Cabbage tossing championship. 

Main imports include: fertilizers, tech and general groceries.

Civis: The planet council is still called the Tolstoi Troika (despite the fact that the other groups have left) the TT elects a Planet Governor who also acts as the Planet Rep.

Laws: Union Laws,no significant local laws exist.

[1] Not to be confused with Leo Tolstoy Colony , that was founded in the same decade. United Earth authorities simply changed the spelling.