Artifical term combining the terms : Port and Hotel.
While the term is a common used word to describe Hotels that are located usually on the permises of a Space Port and describes all providers of such services, it originates with a Terran hospitality company named Holyday Inn who opened the very first Port Hotel of Humankinds first Space Port in the sahara almost 3000 years ago. While the first Space Port is a museum and no longer used, the first Portel is still open for business and accomodates Tourists to Earth.

Portels differentiate from regular Hotels by Service level and price. Portels usually offer a standard level of Service that is automated or self service oriented. Luxury is kept at a sensible level.
Holiday Inn Portels is still the largest Portel Chain Provider and a HIP can be found at virtually all Class A, B and C Spaceports in the entire Union.

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