GalCom Booth

While virtually every citizen has a PDD or is linked via Data brain to GalCom or GalNet, public GalNet terminals are still an important public service in places like space ports, Union Post Offices and the like.
(On hyper developed places like Pluribus, "Speak in the Air" System access virtually eliminated the need for Public GalCom.)
The All Citizen Connected Act of 2229 stipulates that every Union citizen should have the means to contact or visit any other Union citizen regardless of distance and location. The ACCA is the base for the Subsidized Space bus service, the Post office and the Public GalNet.
Both GalNet and GalCom operate public Booths and a basic call of up to 10 minutes can never be more than 1 credit.
Public GalNet Booths can be found in Space Ports and other traffic hubs, bars, restaurants and other public accessible areas. They are very common on military installations where military members often do not carry a GalNet PDD (civilian).

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