Richard the outcast
, mysterious Richard

One of Eric Olafson's trainers and mentors on Nilfeheim. Richard is not a native of Nilfeheim, but was a notorious Mercenary and Soldier of Fortune who fought alongside Hogun. When Hogun, after the Kalata Massacre quit his mercenary days, Richard followed Hogun to Nilfeheim, became "Richard the Outcast" of an obscure and no longer existing clan. Richard was a wanted man for war crimes and murder and tried to redeem himself by quitting his old life style and living a quiet life as a Sword Sharpener and weapon repairer in a shed behind Hogun's Inn. Hogun always supported Richard with food and drink. Under the guise of Nilfeheim training, Richard taught Eric the fighting style of mercenaries.

Richard was arrested three years after Eric had left Nilfeheim, received a trial and was acquitted due to the fact that the evidence was not conclusive and he received a good character reference from the Citizens of Nilfeheim. Richard returned; but settled on Balder, the mining colony where he opened a rough and tumble bar near the main mining settlement.

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