Almost all Union member species know and use robots and so do many of the known non associated civilizations .

S1o robot

typical S 10 robot in Household configuration

Robots come in all sizes shapes and forms and perform a myriad of functions. There are very basic machines that are limited to very specific tasks to high AI systems able to operate star ships.

Humanoid robots that are outwards indistinguishable from humans or other life forms are called Androids.

Within the Union, Terrans and the Herthan are considered the foremost robot specialists, while the X101 are the unchallenged masters in the field of microscopic robotics , the nanite technology.

The most common and wide spread robots most likely the Buckaroo (B 1 –B 200 models) of Enroe Industries and the S 1 – S 220 models that are sold in as household and multi function robots. One can find an S 10 the most sold robot in the Galaxy as simple landscaping robots, bar tenders, info booths, ticket counters, simple personal assistants. A wide variety of attachments and supplement programming choices for these robots make them true all around talents.

Among the most advanced robots currently in service are the Cerberus XI Main battle robots in service with the Union Military and the latest Med Bots of the Nightingale Class.

A list of common robots encountered on a daily basis by the average citizen




S 10

Multi Purpose Human shaped bot

SII Robotics

Follow Balls

Way and directions provider

Enroe IR

Blue I Bots (TM)

Information Providers

SII Robotics

Buackaroo 25

Multi Purpose Human shaped bot

SII Robotics

Nanny Teddy TM

Child protection and education device

SII Robotics

Nanny DollyTM

Child protection and education device

SII Robotics

Fly Vend

Flying Vendor Bot

GE Robotics

Fly Courier

Flying Messenger Bot

GE Robotics

S 14 Factory Worker

Stronger industrial verison of the S 10

SII Robotics

Sherriff 22

Human shaped Security Bot

Enroe IR

Nightingale Mk 56

Medical services

Shailltronics IR

Auto Doc- Civ

Medical Services

SII Robotics

Walk Vend

Walking Vendor

GE Robotics

(Woven Tissue Syntheoids of the the Wurgus are a distinct separate class)

(Please note that the X101 are not considered robots or androids even though they technically are, they are sentient machines and classified a life form)

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