Underground sub culture on Pluribus. Individuals who despite all efforts fell through the social. Usually individuals who lost citizenship or did never attain it. Individuals who lack the ambition to do anything or have to hide for some reason or the other end up in an extensive natural cave system that can be found on Pluribus on the northern continent and right underneath several residential areas of North TownAll but a few small access tunnels are known to the authorities and every year efforts are made to round up the “Sub-Subs” and try to socially integrate them. Usually some private security or Social service Company is tasked with that and sometimes with disastrous results. However since it only affected Sub-Subs the responsible departments often sweep reports or complaints under the proverbial carpet. (Previous efforts included : Forced Psycho Surgery, Involuntary Re Settlement on Gargutan Colony, and even flooding the caves with Poisonous Gas, Sending in Bio Seekers or Killer Nanites.)

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