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The Sand People of Alcor’s Cove

Little is known about the Sand People of Alvor’s Cove, but it is generally accepted knowledge that they are not native live forms. The original Togar Survey teams have not noticed any sentient life (If they would have the Sand People would have been enslaved and the planet would not have been abandoned by the Togar until the last Slave had been exported or died.

The Sand People have first been reported by the local Desert Scavengers and have been considered local lore until one could be captured.

The Sand People are known to be extremely aggressive and fierce fighters.

Local Alcor legends say the Sand people are the personal guard and there to protect the Purple Worm.

No real evidence suggests that the leader of a criminal organization like the Worm would live on a remote planet like this. Simply he could not be an effective leader so far away from any communication lines.


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