Shis3s caste
The Shiss are a humanoid reptilian race endemic to Spinward Sector.

Ruled by a caste system, the White Throat Shiss are the highest caste and are in control of the government.

The Purple Throat Shiss are the lowest caste and are often used to colonize barely habitable worlds. However, due to mistreatment, they rebelled eventually applying for Union membership.

Notable Shiss in the GC Universe Edit

Shiss History Edit

The Shiss are a mighty Star Empire when compared to many of the Civilizations known. They managed to survive and hold their ground against the Nul for more than 12,000 years of off and on conflict and war. They expanded and stabilized their Empire; however, hemmed in by the Klack, the Nul and now the Union, they cannot advance any further. See Shiss Empire and Shiss / Nul_Betrayal for greater detail.

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