Sif Arnske
(Also known as Sif Olafson, Representative of Nilfeheim, Living Norse Goddess)


Union Citizen Born 4997 (on Planet Nilfeheim ) + 5227( Nilfeheim)

Sif was born March 12th, 4997 on Planet Nilfeheim to Pippi Arnske (former Lindgren Clan) and Litfas Arnske (Clan chief of the Arnske Clan) as the first Daugher. Since Sif was female and born before the reforms she helped to bring in, she was "just a female" with little rights and no other future than to marry and bear children.
Sif was introduced to feministic and revolutionary thoughts from early on, as her main Union School teacher Hanna Summers indoctrinated her students with violent hatred towards men and equality and superiority teachings. She joined the secret Society "Sisters of Nilfeheim" and became an ardent andf fanatic member.
Sif was tasked to "Get Eric Olafson" and managed to get into first contact with Eric during the funeral for Eric's Grandfather (Erik Gustav Ragnarsson).

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