Union Member Species and Civilization - Native to the Upward Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy – Home World : Spin Home System: Spinnh Explansion : 1 Star System

TL: 5 (before Union Memberhip) AL: 5

The Spindlar are home to a remote Star System in the Orion Sagitarius Gap. They have developed rather undisturbed to TL 4 and then made contact with the Sarans about 200 years before the founding of the Union and have maintained friendly relations with the Sarans. The Spindlar joined the Union only a few weeks after the Ult and making them one of the oldest Union Member civilizations. Spindlar are found in all social roles and positions thruought the Union. Physiology The Spindlar are unlike any other carbon based life form encountered so far, as they have a telecopic skeleton alowing them to extend neck, legs and arms. Spindlar are about 200 cm tall but can extend their legs and become 350 cm tall. Extending their neck and arms they reach to 420-440 cm. They are herbivores and consume LDLS food like 78 % of the Union Population. Sindlar have no teeth and swallow leaves and moss whole and a complicated seven stomach process digests Spindlar Food. Spindlar Dung is a thought after fertilizer and it is not uncommon to see a Spindlar drop his do and then collect it. Spindlar have a dual gender society but make no difference in sexes. Neither name nor external looks will give a clue. However during child rearing the female develops an utter like appendix for nursing the young. During that time the Female does not leave home or goes public. (2-3 years)

There is a secretive and highly lucrative market for Spindlar Milk and Spindalr Mother Cheese. It is not illegal to sell or buy (except on Spin) and the females doing it and getting caught are expelled from Spindlar Familiy Communities.

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