General term describing a state of suspended Animation. There are different STASIS technologies and applications.

1) BIo Stasis
A technology developed by the Saresii. Bio Stasis Fields reduce the neuro electrical and neuro chemical activity of any organism with a bio neuro component. Bio Stasis fields can reduced such activity from 100% down to 1 % and place individual in a virtual state of suspended animation and ultra deep hibernation.
Bio Statsis is often used on Saresii Ships and intallations but can be found in Union Jails and Prisons as well.

2) Cryo Stasis
TEchnology developed in various states of perfection by many civilizations. The technology reduces biolgical life functions via the introduction to freezing technologies. Cryo Stasis technology requires a high level of Bionetic technology and the ability to freeze an orgnism without destroying the cell walls. The most advanced Cryo Stasis technology was used by the Seenians ( Celtest). Cryo Stasis is rarely used with any Union civilization.

3) Zero Time Stasis
The most advanced and efficient stasis technology is Zero Time Stasis. Originally developed and invented by Dr. Isah and widley used in the Union in applictations such as :Medical Emergencies, Jails and Prisons, Forcefield Curtains, Stasis Freezers and Space Emergency Equipment. Much like the ISAH field allow Space ships to take "Real time" into Quasi Space. It also can be used to place any object or living organism inside a Zero time field where Time does not flow. To an observer the anything inside a Zero Timne field is suspended. To an individual inside a Zero Time Field there are no sensations possible as no time passes. Zero Time Stasis requires much energy to operate and can only be maintained as long as the Isah field is active.

4) Sub Pocket Stasis
Technology introduced by the Narth.The N-Dim Stasis Generator creates a Dimensional Sub Pocket and any object or organism can be placed inside. The item is completley removed from the Standard Continuum. Dimensional Sub Pockets have unlimited storage capacity and the item size is only limited to the Dim Gate the N-Dim Generator is capable of making.
This Technology is not generally available.

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