This is a Story fragment of an idea I am going to incorporate into the Galactic Chronicles Series:Edit


The Michelangelo dropped out of Quasi space , deep in the Saracen System. The battle ships gun ports were already opening and the dome shaped cannon turrets rose from beneath the dark gray surface of the 1000 meter, spherical shaped battle ship. Bishop-Captain Vincente Melores did not sit in his command chair, but stood behind the Weapons Deacon and rested his purple gloved hand with the signet ring of faith and command on the shoulder of the man.” As soon as you come in range of this heathen infested mud ball. Let them be purified by holy fire!” “Yes your Eminence. All Bomb shafts are open and we will commence surface bombardment in nine minutes.” Cruciform fighters blurred past the lumbering shape of the battle ship and engaged the Orbital defense platforms of the planet. On the ground planetary defense systems rose from deep duro crete shafts and enormous cannons guided by sensors systems tracked the approaching battle ship. Ali Muhammad’s hands cramped around the backrest of his defense system operator, Omar and cursed under his breath and apologized his god a breath later. His eyes were glued to the scanner screens.” Omar, what are you waiting for! Launch the missiles!” “If I launch now they can intercept them , they must be closer!” “This is a battle ship and they going to bomb us! Fire!” Omar’s fingers activated the launch sequence. Large missiles screamed on plumes of bright red fire into the sky, the battle ship was too close for the missiles to reach FTL speed and too far for the Sub light engines to reach fast enough. -- Captain Zuzzhinnssss, a purple throat Shiss also stood on the bridge of his Battle ship, the USS C.Dalton and watched the Battle Ship of the Neo Catholic Church drop Fusion Bombs on the beautiful garden world known as Sheeba’s Oasis on the main viewer that was dialed to maximum zoom.” There goes a beautiful world! “ He hissed and his long jaws filled with needle sharp teeth clapped shut. Clapping the jaws in such a manner showed how much he was distressed by what he saw. “I wish we could do something!” His XO, Commander Steward who prided himself being born on Terra itself sighed.” Me too, these Lunatics ruining a perfectly fine and beautiful Garden world.” The OPS Officer a beautiful Saran turned and she said.” But don’t forget the Sarazenes virtually vaporized New Eden only last month, and they killed at least 4 Million Neo Catholic settlers.” The lizard-like captain crossed both of his arm pairs. While we can do little to prevent this atrocity we are here to prevent they spill their fighting into Union Space.

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