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In order to better interact and classify foreign Cultures and alien civilizations and to describe them in Log books and communiqués , the United Stars Science corps has developed a decision chart to determine the technological level a civilization has achieved, reached.

There are several different Tech Level scales in use, but the most common one is the Zizzazz-Herbert Tech Scale.

More detailed Classification is added by Culture Type Classification, for example Nilfeheim is a TL 8 Culture Type 191P ( TL 8 Tech is available but Culture only reaches 191 of 1000 points in that Techlevel and is therefore P (Primitive)

The Zizzazz-Herbert Tech Scale


Rudimentary basics of a civilization.: Fire, simple tools,

Stone Age


Language, permanent Settlements, Metal tools

Bronze Age


Pre Industrial

Middle Ages/ Classical


Industrial , simple computers, Chemical rockets

Industrial Age

TL 1

Atomic Weapons, Simple Biogenetics, Satellites

Space Age

TL 2

Inter system Space travel, Digital technology

Information Age

TL 3

Faster than light travel, Simple Gravitation Devices


TL 4

First Colonies, e-magnetic fields, Advanced Bionetics

Galactic Civilization 1 (the Diobah for example)

TL 5

FTL weaponry, weather control, force fields

Galactic Civilization 2

TL 6

Quasi Space travel, Advanced Gravitronic Devices

Galactic Civilization 3

TL 7

Advanced Bio sciences, Nanite technology, Computronics

Galactic Civilization 4 (the Nul are considered to be at TL 7)

TL 8

Matter Energy conversion, FTL Weapons, Multi Dim Technology, PSI based tech

Union Standard Level

TL 9

Transmatter devices, Multi Dim Tech, FTL Communication

Some Terran Tech is considered TL9

TL 10

Solar Engineering, Planet Moving, Dyson Spheres

The Wurgus are TL 10

TL 11

Complete matter . energy control, Psi Control, Planet and Solar construction, Singularity control

Celtest, Narth, UNI, Pree

TL 12

Indistinguishable from Magic, everything possible, Instant travel , Space time control

The Dark Ones are rumored to be TL 12


See Also: TL 0 - A species capable of understanding technology but possessing none.

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