The rule

Symbol of the Rule

The Rule is a set of cosmic, omni-universal laws, set in place by the Will and the Thought (God, the One above everything, The Omni Spirit, the Creator, Nature).

While only a few trans-human and trans-biological entities know the full extent of The Rule, and not even Narth Supreme claims to understand it all, some of the Rules are:

  • Universal time manipulation is prohibited
  • Trans-universal contamination is prohibited
  • The Balance must be maintained
  • Going beyond the final veil is prohibited
  • Nothing that exists shall be made not existing
  • The Rules can be broken but doing so can have tremendous consequences and the RULE always repairs itself

Time Travel Edit

While Time travel is technically possible and there are civilizations and individuals that discover or develop this ability, those doing it find that they cannot alter time by traveling into the past. The very act of traveling back through time creates a new alternative time-line and a new universe. Traveling into the future does the very same thing and the future observed is not the same it would have been unobserved. So true time travel (remaining on one time stream and in the same universe) is prohibited by the RULE.

Trans-universal Contamination Edit

Bringing of alternative time, trans-physical powers or taking universal elements from one universe to the other is prohibited by the RULE. While this is a rule that is not exactly understood, there are several incidents were this rule was broken: The UNI broke the Rule by bringing the Y’All makers into this Universe; the Coven broke the rule by trying to escape the end of their universe. Lord Lumis and the Lords of Light broke the rule by trying to unmake the Dark Master. The Uni paid for the transgression by being destroyed and killed. The Coven paid for it by being exiled into the Nether Verse for a long time.

Balance Edit

The Balance Rule means that there cannot be light without darkness, good without evil, male without female, up without down, cause without effect...

Final Veil Edit

A Narth once tried to go beyond the final veil and was the first Narth to die and the Narth as a whole lost their true immortality.

Unmaking Edit

Something or someone can be destroyed, killed, disintegrated but whatever or whoever was destroyed still exists in memories, in history and in time; the energies, the matter still exists in another form. The RULE prohibits the unmaking of even the smallest iota of energy or matter.

Notes Edit

Rumors persist that Union Stars ship Captain Flowar Saxa had been chosen by the RULE to become its agent.

Whether the RULE and the Voice of the Rule are the same or if one is an Entity and the other an agent is not known.

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