Also called the "Azure Empire" by some of its subjects.

The Thauran EmpireEdit


During the early history of the United Stars of the Galaxy, colonization was greatly encouraged and heavily sponsored by the government. A large group of human colonists, consisting of Terran and Pan Sarans left for a newly surveyed garden world in the Upward sector and not too distant from the then still very small Union territory.

Upon arrival on that world, conditions were not as the survey reports promised and the colonists decided to go on and find another more suitable world on their own. After a long odyssey that led the 6 Colonist ships far into the then completely unexplored Spinward sector and much further away from the Union as they originally had planned, their ships had almost completely exhausted their energy supplies and were too far for Union communication channels. The colonists found a suitable world and called it Thauran, named after Rene Thauran the colonists elected leader.

The Colony thrived without any contact to the Union and eventually spread over eleven star systems and seventeen planets. The Thauran colonists developed their own culture, technology and adopted their own brand of a hereditary noble system. Each of the Thauran planets is ruled by a king, and they are in turn answer to the emperor.

Contact with the United Stars of the galaxy was reestablished 1600 years ago and the Thauran Empire opted to stay independent until the Y'All Invasion. Facing the seemingly unstoppable invaders from another galaxy, the Thauran Empire joined the United Stars.

The local laws and government stayed as it was and little has changed for the average Thauran citizen.

Thauran lore took the notion of being of Blue blood quite literally and used genetic manipulation from early on to create blue skin, today almost all Thauran feature blue skin in various shades.

The Thauran representative is not elected but appointed by the Emperor.

Intricate and complicated internal politics among the noble houses is still the core of everything Thauran.

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