Tube Based Transport Systems

Elevator and tube based transport systems.
Example: A space ship Transport Elevator system is called: Inter Ship Transport (IST )

The most common ones are:

IST - Inter Ship Transport
IBT - Inter Base transport
IBT - Inter Building Transport
IST - Inter Station Transport

It is a commonly used term in the military and has spread into civilian use and virtually everyone uses these shorts to describe a tube based Elevator system.

The Large designated Building Transports that only go into vertical directions (Up and down) are called Shooters
(Verti Shooters on Pluribus are a good example)

Larger Magnetic or energy field based capsuled tube systems are often used for more distant planetary destinations and these are called: TPT (Transplanet Tubes or Transplant Transports)

There are many different technical systems used: mechanical with cables, gears, self-propelled capsules. Magnetic induction, Arti-Grav Propulsion, Tractor Force Fields.

The hallmark for these systems is the capability to reach vertical and horizontal destinations and have multiple Cars or capsules in the same system, Each Computronic tracked.

The most advanced Tube transport systems can be found on the Fish Class Super Cruisers and Whale Class Battle ships with IST systems that reach transonic speeds and allow near instantaneous internship transport with multiple capsules. The first such system was successfully tested by the USS Tigershark and crew.

The largest Tube system in terms of size can be found on Midway station with Capsules able to transport entire Battle ships from one Space port Hangar to the other. The largest networked Tube System can be found in the Pluribus System where the Main Planet Tube connects to all planets and moons of the Pluribus System via Black Light tunnels (Space Train technology), with over 20 Million dial-able destinations.

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