Tyr was a Tyranno Fin on Nilfeheim and according to the latest scholar estimates he was born around 224 Million Years ago as a non sentient oceanic life form belonging to the genus Selachimorpha Nilfeheima - Tyranno Fin. Tyr, while searching a cave to sleep, (Sleep Mountains) found an alien construct and after he woke from his seven year hibernation he had gained conciousness. Tyr received gigantic intellect and psionic powers and became the vessel for one of the Elders of the Universe. Tyr's reason for existence was the coming of the Dark One and the Final Decision this entity had to make. Tyr was instrumental in the education of Eric Olafson who eventually became the Dark One and made his decision.

Tyr left Nilfeheim in 5300 but no one knows where he went or how he left.

Tyr is described as an albino, and twice the size of a Terran Blue Whale, making him at least 60 meters long and over 380 short tons.

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