Union Battle Ship – Pounder – Class : Uniform Wedge DesignEdit

(Delivered to the Fleet in 4800 )

Length : 3500 mtr

Berth: 1000 mtr

Height: 1000 mtr

The USS Madrid was manufactured at the Poundern Ship YardsMars . Like all Pounder Class ships, the Hull and the frame was built by SII Capital Ships and then completed at Mars.

The USS Madrid is the last of the Poundern II Class that was build and delivered. The Poundern II Class is now replaced by the Yarmir Class . The USS Madrid received her most recent refit in 5013 , where she received Attikan- Engines and was the first ship to be outfitted with the experimental Bubble Type Bridge . The USS Madrid is attached to the 3rd Fleet . (Centcom ) and currently under the Command of Captain K'Tngnk

The USS Madrid, like all Pounder Class Battle Ships is heavily armored, much heavier than even the comparable Paleon Class . The ship was fitted with three times thicker armor and quadruple Trans Dim Shields . To fit all this armor, the ship has a smaller science department and reduced hangar and freight capacity. The main role of the Pounder II Class is to engage other Capital ships head on. Go toe to toe and deliver withering punishment while taking a pounding. The Main Batteries consist of 20 Heavy TL Double and 25 Obliterator Class BL-FTL Cannons . The Regular Pounder Class also sports 10 Loki Torpedo Tubes , the Madrid however only carries two because she  was refitted to carry the SII-Harbringer Captial Ship Missiles and has 4 launchers for the heaviest and most powerful ship to ship missile in Union Arsenals.

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