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Author of the Galactic Chronicles Series

Writing,the written word and reading are as important to me as air and food

I am truly thankful that you came to this side to learn more about me and perhaps even read some of my stories, because I am a writer. (Now you could argue about the quality of my writing and I certainly won't disagree if you call me the worst hack you ever came across, but I am a writer) Let's face it writers, or well maybe just this one is most comfortable all by myself at a quiet place with all the surroundings just right and write. But as much as a writer likes to be left alone when writing it is a useless waste of time, when no one else rea

Window Vanessa at window ds what you write. Much like an actor needs an audience , a writer needs readers. The best way to get to know me, other than actually meeting, is to read my stories. I am to be found in all my characters the good and the bad.

Anyone's critique and suggestions will be taken as such. I am never hurt by words or feel insulted. I will take your critique as it is meant, constructive. To help me become a better Writer and hopefully one day a Writer that actually has readers.

Some background info 

  • I have a German mother and had an American father. 
  • I grew up in Germany , Texas and Alaska .
  • I went to school in Heidelberg , Fairbanks and Houston.
  • I studied Physics in Germany,
  • I participated with an Opel in a Paris Dakkar Ralley and a Camel Trophy Rally in South America 
  • was one of the  first female apprentices at Heckler & Koch  to become a journeyman Gunsmith (Buechsenmacher)
  • I served in the United States Marine Corps.
  • I have a pilots licence and fly both fixed wing and rotary craft
  • I love sky diving, scuba diving and I go bow hunting
  • I love horses and rode in rodeos and real cattle round ups
  • My greatest hobby and expertise always have been guns.
  • I am a decent fencer and know how to use swords 
  • I drove a Tow Truck in Seattle and a Peterbilt big rig (Flatbed)
  • Went to the AFI (American Film Institute) to become a Production Designer
  • I visited every continent including the Southpole
  • I opened my own company in Los Angeles, providing Special Effects to the motion picture industry
  • I own a real life Tiger named Trouble
  • I have a ranch 
  • I am fascinated by masks and disguises 
  • I am a die hard Star Trek fan (TOS) 
  • Read and collect DC and Marvel comics since the seventies and I think I know pretty much every suoperhero, their story of origin, secret identities 
  • My favorite reads are SF stories. Heinlein being my most favorite author of them all.
  • I read everything, romance, SF, Fantasy, crime and mystery, horror and suspense and everything in between.
  • I love reading encyclopedias, from A to Z 
  • I am known to be a decent cook and love food, except Peas and Bananas
  • The one thing I am truly afraid of is crowds, especially large crowds of people inside a confined room. I wittnessed a human stampede when I was little and a girl was trampled to death.

Well that is of course only a glimpse into my life but it might give some insights into the characters of my stories.

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