General term describing a form of advertisement. There are three kinds of Vidi-Brochures.

1) A foil, film or Paper print out with no more than 2-3 pages and a Two Dee (2D) printed visualizer (screen) that plays / shwos a pre recorded message in a continuous loop. A popular form for Birthday Cards and similar mailed recognitions.
2) Fixed or installed Vidi Brochures at landmarks, advertisement signs,in seat information systems, restaurant menues, tourist attractions, official infromation points etx. These Vidi Brochures can have 3D and field screen components. They may be combined with a dispenser for Vidi Brochures of the first kind.
3) Transmitted brochures that play on PDD's , Data Brains. even though there are Data Points, Info Points that transmit Brochures directly to PDD's etc. (Usually Data Points give the choice between hard copy and transmission) Especially in the Tourist information sector, hard copies appear to be the prefered choice of most.

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