TL 5 AL 8 CL 0 (Before 5019) CL +5 after 5019 Downward Sector. Spread 23 star systems. Civics: Monarchy based on a herd based society. Main Planet: Xandr Emperor: His highness Pondaro Plux  (Royal family includes 4 princess)

The Xandrao are a bovine type mammalian life form. (Carbon based standard NiOx consumers) Mostly vegetarian (1)) They are neighbors to the Yotenen in the downward sector of the M-0 galaxy. They have cultural contact to the Furze and the Down. They have sporadic contact to the Trontigmakader.

They just managed to achieve TL 5. They are aggressive but know that they are not the biggest kid on the block and are especially fearful of the Togar, who prefer Xandrao meat even over that of human meat. (Many Xandrao end up on Togar meat markets)

The society is male obsessed, females are suppressed and considered to be second class. Homosexuality is a sacred state and expressed via "Pretty Boys" that  constitute a special social group.

The Empire is led by an emperor.

There are individuals within the Union who know about the Xandrao. But their existence is virtually unknown.

(1) Xandrao supplement their diet with insect, fish and milk based protein