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The Xunx were a very old and enigmatic sentient species of the Milky Way Galaxy.
The Xunx were an insectoid, predatory life form that developed into a technological civilization. They did not interact with other civilizations, except once during the founding conference of the first galactic council 27,000 years ago. (The Xunx stated that they were not concerned about the Y’All Invasion and that they would attack and devour anyone that would stand in their path).
Their society was centered on Hive queens that were the sole authorities of every aspect of Xunx life. Each Xunx world had its own Hive Queen.
They lived in active and dormant cycles. The Xunx would retreat to their worlds after an aggressive gathering cycle and stayed dormant for a rest period that lasted approximately 500 years each time. After each rest cycle the Xunx would enter their gathering cycle again where they swarmed out from their hive worlds and devoured and gathered any organic matter they could find, as well as gather refined metals, ores and such.
The Sarans feared that the planet Earth (then isolated and a primitive pre astro culture would fall victim to the 9,459th Xunx Gathering cycle and gave Earth the knowledge of Faster than light travel and the recommendation for Earthers to build Ark ships and evacuate Earth.
Instead of evacuating the Earthers used Saran star maps to locate all known Xunx worlds and built 50,000 planet buster bombs and sent them all at once to every known Xunx world (Operation Steam Roller). This action eradicated and destroyed the Xunx race in one day. Today there are no known Xunx left.
The Incident is often referred to as the First Terran Atrocity (usually in meetings of the Galactic Council)
Two of the six meter tall Xunx warriors can be seen as taxidermist display in the entrance hall of the Exobiological Museum on Venus.

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