260px-Fornax dwarf galaxy

Fornax Dwarf

Y'All Crisis of 5017

During a Long range survey mission of the Union into the distant Fornax Dwarf a large number of Garden Worlds were discovered. None of them were occupied by any native intelligent species and the survey mission did not find any space faring civilization claiming these systems. Even though the Fornax region was far from Union space (460,000 Ly), the worlds were deemed colonizeable.

Sixty five colonies were established and the Fornax Dwarf (part of it) became Union Territory. While the colonies are connected to the rest of the Union via GalNet and a small Space train connection to the largest colony (Verde Foresta) it is was not connected to the space bus network and regular space ships could not reach Fornax Dwarf. Security and sector control was provided only by a single Megamon Space station roughly equidistant to the 65 colonies. Over the many years no contact to any space faring civilization was made and it was believed the Fornax Dwarf had no advanced civilization of its own. The space station called Fornax Hub was the base for a single Barracuda Destroyer.

In 5017, the Colony on Annapurna was attacked by a single Y’All and all 1500 colonists killed. The Y’All called himself the Herald. The Herald was captured by Ranger Peter Baker and transferred to Fornax Hub until he could be taken to the space train station at Verde Foresta and transported to Union specialists.

Fornax Hub was almost immediately attacked and the entire space station crew killed by Y’All and Kermac.

The only ship able to make the distant trip with hopes to arrive in time to respond to what seemed the prelude to a new Y’All invasion was the USS Devastator.

During the crisis a Translocator cannon was stolen and it came to a space battle between Y’All forces and the Devastator.

This event marks the first official participation of a Narth space ship designated as the USS Narth. It should be noted that the Narth ship made the trip from Union space to Fornax Dwarf in less than an hour.

The Narth ship participated in the space battle and assisted in the retaking of the Space station.

During this event, 200 “new Y’All” and several Kermac Clones were apprehended, interrogated and transferred to the Frisco Bay Ultramax prison facility.

The incident caused the emergency construction of a Space Station Bridge to Fornax as well as a full size space train connection. A new space fleet (the 453rd Fleet) was created with it’s headquarter on Annapurna Planet. Union fleet command expects a new invasion of Y’All to come from this direction and the Fornax Dwarf is closely surveyed.

Eric Olafson, then Captain of the USS Tigershark found an ancient trans space gate in that Dwarf galaxy that connected it with the LEO II Galaxy, where he found the origin of the Y’All)

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