Zero Gee

General Term to describe Free Fall / lack of gravitational pull

Weightlessness (or zero-g) is the condition that exists for an object or person when they experience little or no acceleration away from the acceleration that defines an inertial trajectory, or the trajectory of pure free-fall. The physical path of an inertial trajectory depends on the presence or absence of gravitation. If objects are far from a planet, star, or other such massive body, so that they experience little gravitational interaction, they will experience weightlessness if they are not accelerating. Physically, they follow Newton's first law of motion which describes linear motion, without forces. The presence of a gravitational field will cause a free body to follow the accelerated trajectory of a free fall in gravity, and weightlessness will also be experienced during any such naturally-accelerated free fall. Such a situation, except for microgravity effects, cannot be distinguished from weightlessness due to absence of gravity from a nearby body.

Arti Grav Flyer

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